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We offer our professional translation services, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of valuable insights.

Accurate translations

Navigating research sessions conducted in a language different from your own can be challenging. We understand the importance of clear communication and translation at every step of the research process.


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We offer our professional translation services, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of valuable insights.

Document Translation: Accurate and culturally sensitive translations for documents of any type, ranging from legal and technical documents to marketing materials and more.


Localization: Tailoring your content to resonate with local audiences, including adjustments for cultural nuances, language preferences, and regional expectations.


Native Simultaneous and Concurrent Translators: Our team of translators comprises native speakers proficient in both the source and target languages, guaranteeing accurate and contextually relevant translations.


Real-Time Translation: Experience seamless communication during research sessions with our real-time translation services. Our experts work diligently to provide instant and precise translations, allowing you to stay engaged and informed.


Versatility: Whether you’re conducting interviews, focus groups, or any other research activity, our translation services cater to a variety of research settings and methodologies.


Local Language facilitation: Conducting the research into local language is an important component of our research methodology, ensuring a nuanced and culturally sensitive engagement with participants.


Local Language to English translation: The session will be translated real-time by our expert translators/interpreters to English for the client to observe the session. This will provide a comprehensive and dynamic language support system during the research session.

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20,000+ participants

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10+ Years of experience

10+ Languages covered

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We can help you with:

  • International research project management – one stop shop
  • Local language research facilitation
  • Flexibility withΒ  clients’ requirements
  • We find hard to recruit profiles
  • Local presence
  • Hands-on management