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Our research teams have extensive experience and expertise in offering analysis and insights for clients based in India and across the Asia-Pacific region, as well as for many of the world’s largest companies outside of Asia-Pacific.


We use the most up-to-date market research tools and techniques to design tailored research programs for organisations in a broad range of industries.

Participant Recruitment Profiles India - the data you need


Major Ethnicities

Mainly Indian.
India is a diverse country with a multitude of ethnicities, languages, and cultures.India’s ethnic diversity is vast and complex.


Languages Spoken

India is known for its linguistic diversity, with a vast array of languages spoken across the country, at least 1600 languages. Major languages are Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil and etc. Minor languages includes Malayalam, Punjabi and etc.



95% show rate. Indians generally demonstrate commitment towards attending market research interviews, but factors such as communication, professionalism, and regional considerations can influence the show rate and likelihood of attendance.


Tech Test Compliance

Internet reliability and connections in India can vary depending on factors such as location, infrastructure, and service providers. Urban areas are more reliable than rural areas and mobile data usage is widespread in India.

Tips for Recruiting Participants in India

Generally easier compared to other markets due to the large population and extensive network of partners in the region.

India - Demographic data

Real GDP growth 7.24% (2022 est.)
Real GDP per capita $7,100 (2022 est.)
Unemployment Rate 4.82% (2022 est.)
Currency Indian Rupees
Population 1,409,128,296
Population Growth Rate 0.72% (2024 est.)
Urban Population 36.4%
Agriculture 15.4% (2016 est.)
Industry 23% (2016 est.)
Services 61.5% (2016 est.)
Capital New Delhi
Internet Penetration 46% (2021 est.)
Internet Population 644 million (2021 est.)
Median Age 29.8 years
Birth Rate (/ 1000 population) 16.2 births (2024)
Life Expectancy 68.2 years