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Our research teams have extensive experience and expertise in offering analysis and insights for clients based in Malaysia and across the Asia-Pacific region, as well as for many of the world’s largest companies outside of Asia-Pacific.


We use the most up-to-date market research tools and techniques to design tailored research programs for organisations in a broad range of industries.

Participant Recruitment Profiles Malaysia - the data you need


Major Ethnicities

The population in Malaysia includes 67% Malay, 26% Chinese, 7% Indian and Others.


Languages Spoken

Malay, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil.
English is widely spoken but Malaysians prefer to speak in their mother tongue – Malay.



95% show rate. Indians have a higher no-show rate compared to other races. They are more difficult to recruit and need more constant reminders to avoid no shows.


Tech Test Compliance

Some participants who are not using Fibre broadband in remote areas have unstable connection. Overall, no major connection issues.

Tips for Recruiting Participants in Malaysia

  • Availability of the approved/qualified participants is always a challenge.
  • Punctuality is very common issue among the Malaysian so we need to constantly remind and coordinate with the participants.

Malaysia - Demographic data

Real GDP growth 4.31% (2019)
Real GDP per capita $26,400 (2020)
Unemployment Rate 4.50% (2020)
Currency Ringgit
Population 33,871,431 (2022)
Population Growth Rate 1.03% (2022)
Urban Population 78.7%
Agriculture 8.8% (2017)
Industry 37.6% (2017)
Services 53.6% (2017)
Capital Kuala Lumpur
Internet Penetration 89.6%
Internet Population 29,129,398 (2020)
Median Age 29.2 years
Birth Rate (/ 1000 population) 14.55 births(2022)
Life Expectancy 76.13 years