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Market Research Services in Hong Kong


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Our research teams have extensive experience and expertise in offering analysis and insights for clients based in Hong Kong and across the Asia-Pacific region, as well as for many of the world’s largest companies outside of Asia-Pacific.


We use the most up-to-date market research tools and techniques to design tailored research programs for organisations in a broad range of industries.

Participant Recruitment Profiles Hong Kong - the data you need


Major Ethnicities

Mainly Hong Kongese


Languages Spoken

Cantonese, some English.
Most clients tend to confuse or assume that Hong Kong speaks Mandarin but they speak Cantonese which is a completely different language. Even high-net-worth individuals prefer to speak Cantonese even if they speak English.



90% show rate. Generally, participants are not very flexible with back and forth changes and last minute changes. They tend to cancel/drop out if things are a bit complicated and inconvenient


Tech Test Compliance

We have never encountered any major tech connection issues. Their internet connections are quite stable. Some participants are not comfortable with video on.

Tips for Recruiting Participants in Hong Kong

  • Recruitment is always expensive and difficult as most of
    them are not very interested in engaging in research
  • Recruiting English participant is difficult and more expensive.
  • Generally not very interested in providing materials and other research requirements.

Hong Kong- Demographic data

Real GDP growth 1.25% (2019)
Real GDP per capita $56,200 (2020)
Unemployment Rate 5.83% (2020)
Currency HKD
Population 7,276,588 (2022)
Population Growth Rate 0.17% (2022)
Urban Population 100%(2022)
Agriculture 0.1% (2017)
Industry 7.6% (2017)
Services 92.3% (2017)
Capital Victoria
Internet Penetration 92.4%
Internet Population 6,883,256 (2020)
Median Age 45.6 years
Birth Rate (/ 1000 population) 8.04 births(2022)
Life Expectancy 83.61 years