Market Research & Panel Recruitment Related Questions

About Research Network

Research Network is a market research panel recruitment company headquartered in Singapore. We recruit diverse participants to provide insights through research studies and marketing activities. Our goal is to empower users to share their opinions, get compensated for their time, and help clients improve products and services.

Our office is located at 10 Central Exchange Green, Pixel Building, Singapore 138649. We are situated within a 5 minute walk from One-North MRT station at the IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) PIXEL Innovation Hub.

Our mission is to connect clients with high-quality participants to gain meaningful insights. We are dedicated to growing our diverse panel and empowering participants to make a difference by sharing honest opinions.


Our vision is to build trusted relationships between participants and organizations. We believe participant feedback provides invaluable perspective for business decisions and improving daily life. Our recruitment process aims to create positive impact through compassion and commitment.

Yes, Research Network is a legitimate registered business in Singapore under Objective Eye Tracking Pte Ltd (UEN 201322027E) since 2013. Our office is located at a government-run facility, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) PIXEL building.

Joining the Panel

You can sign up to become a panel member here: By registering, you will receive invitations to participate in various research projects.

We welcome anyone interested in sharing insights and opinions, and willing to fully cooperate with our recruitment process. Each study has specific eligibility criteria that your profile will be screened against.

Check our website, social media, and email newsletters for open project announcements. Make sure to register for each screener to be considered. We also use your profile information to identify and notify potential respondents.

To avoid bias, you can generally participate once every 3-6 months.

Available Research Projects

Our studies cover a wide range of topics related to products, services, advertising, branding, packaging, campaigns, consumer trends, and more. We conduct user research and usability testing on websites, apps, software, and other digital products. Any consumer-based subject could be researched through surveys, interviews, testing, and other methods.

No, we never engage in sales or marketing. All information collected is for research purposes only. You will not be asked to purchase anything.

Research Process

We utilize various formats including online surveys, in-person one-on-one interviews, centralized location interviews, focus groups, shop-along observations, user testing, and more. Each study is customized to suit the research objectives.

Participation time varies by project, but often ranges from 30 minutes for a quick survey to 2 hours for an in-depth interview. We try to be mindful of your time and will disclose expected commitment when recruiting.

For interviews and focus groups, we leverage our own dedicated facilities, public spaces like malls and cafes, or other appropriate locations. Study settings are selected based on research needs. Participants are provided with location details upfront.

For remote studies like online surveys or virtual interviews, we welcome global participation if you meet the study criteria. In-person studies are generally limited to Singapore-based respondents.

After the Research

Yes, your confidentiality is ensured throughout the process. Sensitive information is anonymized in research reports. Your name will never be attached to your specific feedback.

Research is generally proprietary and confidential.

Working with Us

Our team comprises experienced market research professionals including analysts, moderators, interviewers, recruiters and more. Many hold relevant postgraduate qualifications.

We make concerted efforts to recruit inclusive participant samples across age, gender, ethnicity, income level, geography, and other demographics to avoid sampling bias.

Referrals and Payments

For most projects, we provide cash incentives via PayNow or bank transfer after participation. Some studies provide gift vouchers instead. We do NOT use a points system.

We process incentives within 24-48 hours of study completion. We notify you when payment is sent.

Incentive amounts are disclosed upfront during recruitment. Typical payments are $100/hour for consumers and $150/hour for businesses.

You must sign our online NDA and provide PayNow or bank account details prior to payment.

We can process payment to someone else’s account with proper consent documentation.

For PayNow, funds are usually received instantly. Bank transfers may take 2-3 days to reflect based on your bank’s processing time.

Share our sign-up link to invite others to join the panel:

We do not provide rewards for general sign-ups. However, if your referral is selected for a study, you may be eligible for a $25 referral bonus.

We ask participants during screening if they were referred. If your referral completes the study, we notify you and process the referral bonus.


Please notify us immediately, at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Last minute cancellations may disqualify you from future studies.

Your data is used solely for eligibility screening and is kept fully confidential in compliance with privacy laws.


You can read our full Privacy Policy here: