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Our research teams have extensive experience and expertise in offering analysis and insights for clients based in Japan and across the Asia-Pacific region, as well as for many of the world’s largest companies outside of Asia-Pacific.


We use the most up-to-date market research tools and techniques to design tailored research programs for organisations in a broad range of industries.

Participant Recruitment Profiles Japan - the data you need


Major Ethnicities

Mainly Japanese


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90% show rate


Tech Test Compliance

We have never encountered any major tech connection issues.

Tips for Recruiting Participants in Japan

  • Requires proper briefing for complicated recruitment requirements but participants are generally participative.
  • Recruiting English speaking participant is difficult, communication can be a real issue too.

Japan - Demographic data

Real GDP growth 1.66% (2021)
Real GDP per capita $40,800 (2021)
Unemployment Rate 2.8% (2021)
Currency Yen
Population 123,719,238 (2023)
Population Growth Rate -0.41% (2023)
Urban Population 92.0% (2023)
Agriculture 12.5% (2018)
Industry 30.1% (2017)
Services 68.7% (2017)
Capital Tokyo
Internet Penetration 83% (2021)
Internet Population 99.6 million (2021)
Median Age 48.6 years (2020)
Birth Rate (/ 1000 population) 6.9 births(2023)
Life Expectancy 85 years (2023)