Research Lab Hire - Singapore

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Are you looking for space to conduct your research study in Asia Pacific Region (APAC)?

When it comes to research studies, location matters. That’s where our lab space comes in. Our facilities are specially designed for the nitty-gritty of research, offering a controlled environment that ensures the accuracy of your data. Here’s why you should hire our labs:

  • We provide the latest equipment and technology, allowing researchers to conduct studies with precision and efficiency.
  • Our labs are equipped with advanced audio and visual technology, making data collection and analysis a breeze.
  • Our facilities are spacious and comfortable, ensuring participants feel relaxed and at ease during the study.
  • We offer top-notch security and confidentiality measures, safeguarding sensitive research data.

Our Spaces includes:

  • Private testing rooms
  • Live stream viewing room
  • Remote viewing with a variety of software options to suit your company needs
  • A large boardroom for focus groups and stakeholder workshops
  • Access to test devices including Android/iPhone, tablet and desktop
  • Full catering and concierge services
  • Reception services

Additional Services Across APAC

The Research Network has state-of-the-art facilities for research testing and training requirements

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