Transcription Services

We provide transcription services to of all the 12 markets that we cover.

Our Transcription Process

Assessment: We begin by understanding your specific requirements, language preferences, and any market-specific nuances.


Transcription by Native speakers: Our team comprises highly skilled linguists and subject-matter experts who are proficient in both the source and target languages. They capture the spoken words, including any dialectical variations or cultural references, ensuring an accurate representation of the original speech.


Transcription Review of the Native source: The transcription is then reviewed for accuracy and completeness by experts to ensure that it faithfully represents the spoken content.


Translation into English: We translate the transcription into English. This step involves not only linguistic translation but also cultural adaptation to ensure the message is conveyed appropriately in the target language.


Contextual Understanding: Beyond mere translation, the transcriptionists aim to capture the intended meaning, cultural nuances, and any specific references that might not have a direct equivalent in English.


Quality Assurance: Each transcription undergoes a quality assurance process to guarantee accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and adherence to industry standards.


Timely Delivery: We understand the value of time in today’s fast-paced environment. Our commitment is to deliver your transcriptions within agreed timelines without compromising quality.


Revision: Based on client feedback, if any revisions are needed, they are promptly incorporated to ensure complete satisfaction with the transcribed content.

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Why Choose Us?

20,000+ participants

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We can help you with:

  • International research project management – one stop shop
  • Local language research facilitation
  • Flexibility withΒ  clients’ requirements
  • We find hard to recruit profiles
  • Local presence
  • Hands-on management