Free research recruitment for PhD students in Singapore

Conducting research is hard enough without struggling to find people to participate. We make it simpler by doing research recruitment for PhD students.

Supporting PhD Research in Singapore

We make it easy for you to quickly find the people you need to participate in your research.


Our new initiative offers free advertising of your research to our panel and through our social media channels. We offer this to PhD students at accredited universities. Just create your survey or screener and we will share it on our platforms to recruit respondents for you at ZERO cost.


It’s a win-win – you get survey responses and we grow our community. Let’s work together to make research a little easier.

The free service provided by Research Network greatly supported my project and facilitated the recruitment of survey participants in a very short period.” – Stella, NTU PhD student

How it works?

Research recruitment for academic institutions

Create your online Screener or survey link and send us the link along with your institution's logo.


We integrate it into our participant signup flow


Share your survey link on our social media and email


You manage the process and Run your research

That way you can tap into our big pool of engaged participants to get responses. Driving signups also helps us grow our panel.


To participate, you must:

  • Be a PhD student at an accredited university in Singapore
  • Conducting non-commercial research
  • Target general public
  • Handle your own recruitment and data
  • Provide your university logo for promotion

Let’s support your research!

PhD Research Participant Recruitment

Who Can Participate?

  • PhD students who need help finding participants
  • You’ve already created your screener or survey link and logo

How does it work?

  • Send us your screener or survey link
  • We integrate it into our signup flow
  • Share your link on our social media platforms
  • You manage the process and data collection

Why We Do This

  • Support unfunded research projects
  • Expand your reach through our platforms
  • Grow our research community
  • Generate more signups to our panel