Online Panel Surveys in Australia & Singapore

Measure the behavior of people over time

Why use a panel survey?

Explore our extensive panel database in Australia and Singapore, consisting of different demographic profiles, encompassing diverse individuals across different walks of life and the spectrum. Our quantitative approach is data-driven solutions tailored to their specific research objectives, fostering informed strategic decisions in the dynamic landscape of market research.


Through carefully designed surveys and data collection instruments, our quantitative methods enable the generation of quantifiable data points, facilitating the identification of patterns, correlations, and statistical significance. Experience the effortless support provided by our tools, seamlessly guiding you through the entire process of hosting, encoding, programming, and collecting data for your survey.


Our panel surveys are a versatile tool for collecting data of public/general/targeted groups, providing valuable information for informed decision-making. Our growing research network panel can leverage to unlock comprehensive understanding in your research endeavors.

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Why Choose Us?

20,000+ participants

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Why go for Panel Surveys

  • Tailored survey solutions – We design and encode questionnaires meticulously aligned with your research objectives, adhering to market standard practices for optimal data collection and analysis.
  • Speed – Researchers can rapidly deploy a survey to pre-qualified panels matching target demographics. This enables faster data collection.
  • Convenience – Panelists can take surveys anytime, anywhere via web links making it convenient for them to participate.
  • Targeting – Panels can be filtered by attributes like location, age, income to get feedback from specific consumer segments.
  • Cost efficiency – For several reasons, particularly due to the relatively low expenses associated with running quantitative surveys and incentivizing participants for their time. It eliminates the need for extensive recruitment efforts, reducing associated costs such as advertising, scheduling, coordinating etc.
  • Data quality – Professional panels often yield better data quality as members are profiled and their responses validated.
  • Legitimate – Our panel members are genuine and have demonstrated a keen interest in actively participating in our research endeavors.