Understanding the Participant Selection Process 
- How we do it at Research Network

At Research Network, we are committed to connecting our valued panel members with exciting research opportunities that match their unique profiles and experiences.

As a trusted recruitment agency, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure a rigorous and thorough selection process. In this blog post, we want to provide you with insights into how we select participants for each study, so you can better understand what happens behind the scenes.

Step 1: Understand the Eligibility Criteria

When a client engages Research Network for a study, they provide us with a detailed recruitment brief outlining their research objectives, target audience, and specific types of people they want to get involved.


This can include demographics, product usage or behavioural experiences etc.


This brief serves as a guideline for our experienced recruitment consultants to identify the most suitable candidates among those who registered for the study.

Step 2: Sign up by completing the Screener Registration Form

Once we have a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, we create a tailored screener registration form.


This form is designed to capture essential information from our participants who are interested in participating in the study.


You will receive the invitation via email and we will also post the studies on our social media platforms.


By completing the screener registration form, you demonstrate your interest and provide us with the necessary details to evaluate your suitability for the specific research project.

Step 3: Wait for your Profile to be Screened

Our dedicated recruitment consultants meticulously review the profiles of all participants who registered for the study; we will consider factors such as demographics, professional background, market expertise, and other eligibility criteria set by the client.


We shortlist individuals whose profiles closely align with the client’s requirements, ensuring a pool of highly relevant potential participants.


If you do not hear from us, it’s most likely that your profile is unsuitable, but feel free to contact the designated consultants directly to learn more.

Step 4: Answer our Phone Screening and Validation

To further assess the suitability of shortlisted candidates, our recruitment consultants will conduct phone screenings.


During these conversations, we delve deeper into your qualifications, experience, availability, etc.


This step allows us to gather additional insights and confirm that you meet the study’s specific criteria.

Step 5: Follow up from Client Review and Approval

After the screening process, our recruitment consultants present the most qualified profiles to the client for review.


The client evaluates each potential participant based on the information provided, including demographics, relevant experiences, and any other relevant details.


They then approve the profiles they deem most suitable for their study.


We will follow up with you with the final outcome after the client reviews the profile.

Step 6: Confirm your Availability based on the Schedule

Once the client has given their approval, we reach out to you to confirm your interest and check your availability.


Our recruitment consultants work diligently to schedule research sessions at times that are convenient for both the participants and the client, ensuring a seamless experience for all involved parties.

Step 7: Reminders and Updates will be sent

Throughout the recruitment process, our recruitment consultants maintain clear and timely communication with both the client and the participants.


We provide regular updates, send reminders, meeting links, location and address any questions or concerns that may arise.


Our goal is to ensure that everyone is well-informed and prepared for the research sessions.


If you cannot make it, please notify us at least 48 hours before the scheduled session so we can immediately inform the client and find a replacement for your slot.

Step 8: Attend the Scheduled Research Session

On the day of the research session, our team will be there to support you and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


All the necessary information, such as the session location or online meeting details, and any specific instructions from the client should have been communicated with you.


We kindly ask that you be on time and be prepared to actively participate in the research session, sharing your valuable insights and experiences.

Step 9: Receive Payment and Appreciation

At Research Network, we greatly value your time and contribution to our research studies.


After successfully completing the research session, we will process your payment within 24-48 hours.


Our clients determine the incentive amount based on the study’s duration, complexity, and target audience.


Rest assured that you will be fairly compensated for your participation. We will also send you a thank you note to express our gratitude for your valuable input.

We value the time and effort our panel members invest in participating in research studies. Your insights and experiences play a crucial role in shaping products, services, and strategies across various industries.


Thank you for being a part of the Research Network panel. We appreciate your dedication and look forward to connecting you with more exciting research opportunities in the future.


If you have any questions about our selection process or your participation in a study, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team.

By Research Network

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